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Live services have returned at Mount Bethel Church effective July 5th!  There are a number of items we want to communicate with you about our plan for conducting safe services.  Please give special attention to each item.


1.     To prevent the spaces from becoming overcrowded, we will hold two live services: 8:30am and 10:30am.


2.     To accommodate social distancing recommendations and preferences, seating will be available in four different venues within the church: the Sanctuary, Chapel, Youth Room, and Fellowship Hall.  Every third row will be available in the sanctuary.  Other spaces will have similar distances between rows.


3.     We are asking that all able congregants wear facemasks when moving about the building.


4.     The Chapel has been designated as a “Facemask Throughout” room.  Facemasks will be worn for the duration of the service.


5.     In all other spaces – the Sanctuary, Youth Room, and Fellowship Hall – facemasks should be worn until one occupies his/her seat for the morning. At that point, facemasks can be removed, unless one feels more comfortable leaving it on.


6.     Please respect others’ space while making your way to your seats.  If you have a small group of people with whom you have been in regular contact, and those within that group are not concerned about social distancing, you are welcomed to sit together.  


7.     Hand sanitizer stations are located at the entrances to each of the major viewing rooms. 


8.     We will not be collecting an offering during the course of the service. There are black offering boxes at the entrance to each of the rooms. Feel free to place your tithes and offerings in these boxes on the way in or out of the given spaces, or feel free to continue mailing your gifts or giving online as so many of you have faithfully been doing.


9.     We encourage you to fellowship with one another following the service, but we would encourage such fellowship to occur outside of the building if possible.  There will be tables and chairs available at both major entrances/exits to the church.


For the time being, there will be no nursery or children’s church available during morning services. We know such a decision is disappointing for some.  Nevertheless, we strongly encourage families to worship together with us. If your family is uncomfortable with that, or if your kids just aren’t ready to sit through an entire service, perhaps there is another family or two with whom you could join and watch the service together from one of your homes. 


For those of you uncomfortable gathering in larger crowds or unable to be with us, we will be live-streaming our 8:30 service on YouTube.  Visit Mount Bethel Church’s YouTube station by clicking here, and then click the subscribe button.  You will be alerted when the church begins its live stream. You can also view the service later in the day on YouTube or here on the church's website.


Thanks for your patience, understanding, and continued support through these last months.  


Blessings on each of you.


Pastor Chris






This morning's accompanying children's bulletin can be found here.


This morning's referenced VBS prayer calendar can be found here.










Welcome to Confirmation Sunday at Mount Bethel Church! A special thank you to Tuscarora for allowing us the use of their auditorium and a special congratulations to the confirmands on a job well done. Enjoy!




This morning's accompanying children's bulletin can be found here.








This morning's accompanying children's bulletin can be found here.







This morning's accompanying children's bulletin can be found here.







This morning's accompanying children's bulletin can be found here.






 This morning's accompanying children's bulletin can be found here.









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Dear Friends,


Mount Bethel Church is continuing to cancel all services for the foreseeable future. Our facility is open and our pastoral and support staff will be in the office to continue to care for the needs of our congregation. Additionally, official elected boards of the church will continue to meet as appropriate.  While this situation is unprecedented, we are hopeful that each one of us will take opportunities to care for those around us with the love and compassion exemplified by Christ.

Please continue to pray that the church remains united, that hearts continue to turn to and trust our Lord, and that His Kingdom will continue to be built. 

Serving with you in Him,

Pastor Chris, on behalf of the staff and elders of MBC









The word means a lot of things to a lot of different people.  For most of us, though, church is either a nice white building or something one does for about an hour each Sunday morning. 


Such viewpoints are unfortunate, despite their popularity.  They're unfortunate because they miss what church can be.  Even more, they miss what the church is called to be. 


It isn’t until one takes away the walls and the formal pulpit, even the cushioned pews and weekly bulletins, that the true church begins to emerge; a church that isn’t made of static objects and disposable resources, but a church that is made of people.  Real people with real needs dealing with real life.  This is the church.


Amazingly, Jesus promised to build His church.  He promised to do a work in people that would transform their entire lives.  And there are countless stories of that very work being done in our midst. 


Regardless of where you are in that transformation process - even if you don't think it has begun - please know that we would love for you to become a part of us.









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