It looks out. It looks ahead. It is not worried about where it is or where it has been. 
It is concerned only with what could be. 
It sees potential. It dreams of possibility.

At Mt. Bethel Church, we look out and see a vastly changing community. We see houses and buildings and roads. But if we look more closely, really what we see are people – people with real needs and real concerns, people dealing with real life.

We envision the day when we bring each of these people – from the youngest to the oldest, from the neighbor to the stranger – into first-hand contact with the love of God as shown most clearly in Jesus Christ.

We envision welcoming these people into true, functioning Christian community – one marked by love for one another, acceptance of one another, encouragement for one another, forgiveness of one another, and service to one another.

We envision being a church of deepening relationships – both with God and one another – through focused and intentional prayer, wide-spread involvement in small groups, Sunday worship, Sunday school, and whole-church fellowship events.

We envision the continued expansion of our youth program through which young people are regularly brought into contact with the living Savior. We envision reaching their homes as well, introducing entire families to the revealed will of God.

Through sound teaching anchored in steadfast biblical commitment, we envision true disciple making. We envision God bringing people to faith, and then, through the power of His Holy Spirit, renewing them into His image. We envision all our people, both new believers and established believers, discovering the special manner in which God has gifted them and then using those gifts for His glory and in His service.

We envision a congregation actively involved in mission work, not only locally, but nationally and internationally. We envision being able to fully support those we send.

We envision a building that will allow us to meet together, learn together, and grow together.

Finally, we envision a spirit of and commitment to unity that no power of darkness can overtake: Unified in purpose, unified in direction, unified as the body of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, we commit this vision to You. May we, as Your church, always be sensitive and obedient to Your leading, and may all we ever do bring glory and honor only to You.