Towards Tomorrow





Towards Tomorrow is a buidling campaign. But it is a building campaign that reaches far beyond a physical structure.  It is a building campaign that ultimately revolves around what God is building, and what God is building is far greater and infinitely more lasting than anything made of wood and brick.  We believe God is building His church in the hearts and lives of those He loves - men and women of all different ages from all different walks of life - whose greatest need and most cherished privilege remains a growing and reconciled relationship with Him.

To learn more about the motivation for this campaign and then the campaign itself, please take some time to watch the video below and then "page through" the campaign booklet.  If you would like to participate in the campaign in any way, we welcome you to do so!


Towards Tomorrow from Mount Bethel Church on Vimeo.









If you would like to volunteer your services to this project in some capacity, feel free to download the Volunteer Card here.  If you would like to make a pledge or a special gift to the Towards Tomorrow Campaign, you can download a pledge card or click on the secure link below.  Once redirected, one time gifts can be made in the "Building Fund" line item.  If you would like to donate towards a greater pledge amount, please use the "Building Fund Pledge Donation" line item.  Thank you for your gift!