School Year Schedule:         Summer Schedule:
Senior High Youth Group                  Junior High Youth Group
Thursday Evenings                                Thursday Evenings 6pm-7:30pm
7pm-9pm                                      (A van shuttle will drop-off/pick-up at CVS at 7:45pm)
Junior High Youth Group                   Senior High Youth Group
Friday Afternoons                                   Thursday Evenings 8pm-9:30pm
(For more information see flyer below)
Permission Form required for Youth Events.
TRANSPORTATION CONSENT FORM This Form is required for transportation from the Middle School to the church for Jr High ELEVATE on Friday afternoon.  Please detach and hand-in the TOP portion to the Middle School Office and the BOTTOM portion to the Church Office.


Youth Group Calendar of Events


Sign ups for youth events are recommended. 

Sign ups are on the table by the Youth Office door, or call the church office prior to the event to sign up.

Or RSVP on Facebook



Philosophy of Ministry


Our Youth Ministry operates on 4 levels; providing opportunities for young people to 'KNOW, GROW, BECOME and GO.' 


Strategically, the 'KNOW' level may provide an introduction to Christ and the life found in Him through many fun activities that promote strong, loving relationships. 


The 'GROW' level provides opportunities for young people to grow in their relationship with Christ through the  study and practice of scriptural lessons, such as at our weekly Youth Group. 


The 'BECOME' level means learning to pattern our lives after Christ through biblical study and devotion. 


The last level, 'GO', is an equipping of God's spirit and using our gifts to serve, whether it is feeding the homeless, doing community outreach, singing on a sunday during worship or at special events as a member of our TEEN CHOIR, or volunteering in our CHILDREN'S MINISTRY after school or during the summer at VBS.  For a more in-depth understanding of our ministry, please read our Mission Statement





Click here for our Projected Calendar

(All Dates and Events are Tentative)




Sunday School & Confirmation: Sundays at 9:50am 
Bible Study
Junior High Bible Study Lead bi-weekly by Tim Learn @ the home of Clarice Danielsen in Tuscarora Village
Senior High Bible Study Small Groups are beginning to meet regularly. Please call 856-287-5513 for more information on how to get plugged-in to a Small Group.





Information about the Towards Tomorrow Campaign