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5:00–5:45pm    Buffet Supper

Supper will be served from 5:00–5:45pm. There will be a basket available for donations to help offset the cost of supper. Checks can be made payable to Mount Bethel Church with "Wednesday Supper" in the memo line. There will be weekly “children’s options” available at the buffet. There will also be a shuttle available from the parking lot to the Dining Hall. Please sign up for the supper by clicking here.


6:00–7:00pm   Children’s Programs. Please register your children (pre-k – 6th grade) by visiting www.mountbethelchurch.org.

·  Club 119:11 (Pre-k – 3rd Grade), Gymnasium

·  Journey 45 (4th – 5th Grade), Cedar Chalet (rear of Snack Shop)

·  Base Camp (6th Grade), Pine Room (next to Snack Shop)

**For those attending supper, children will be escorted to their respective venues for the program. For those attending just the program portion, please have your children to the Gymnasium by 6:00pm.


                          Youth Programs

·      Junior High Youth Group, Overlook Lounge

Note: This program will run from 6:00–7:30pm.

·      Senior High is encouraged to help with the Children’s Programs listed above. Speak with Andrew Little, Youth Director, about such opportunities.


                          Adult Programs

·      Minor Prophets, Fireside Room (adjacent to Dining Hall)

·      “American Gospel” Movie and Discussion, Chapel

·      Care Ministry, Inn Lounge (adjacent to Dining Hall)

Note: There will be an orientation for this class on October 7. The official class will begin October 14 and will run from 6:00–8:30pm.


There will be a nursery available for infants thru 3-year-olds

in the second floor nursery of the auditorium.

 Nursery will be available from 5:50pm – 7:10pm.


6:00–7:30pm   Snack Shop 

Tuscarora will have the Snack Shop open for general church fellowship. Please observe social distancing guidelines, even enjoying the beautiful patio outside.


***On select occasions to be determined, additional activities will be available at 7:00pm. Some of these activities include a bonfire and Songs under the Stars. Hopefully you will be able to join!***




Updated Sunday Schedule, beginning Sunday, September 27:


8:30am   Worship Service, Mount Bethel Church

Note: This service will also be livestreamed on Mount Bethel Church’s YouTube Channel.  You can be directed there by clicking here, or after the service, it can be viewed below.


9:40am   Adult Sunday School, Mount Bethel Church, Chapel

               Joshua Bible Study, led by Bob Stolt


9:40am   Confirmation (7th/8th Grades), Tuscarora, Riverside Manor

               Lower Level Classrooms


9:40am   Senior High Sunday School, Tuscarora, Overlook Lounge

               Students can be dropped off in the parking lot adjacent to the  Overlook Lounge.


9:40am   Adult Sunday School, Tuscarora, Cedar Chalet (Behind Snack Shop)

               Andy Stanley Video, Masks are required


9:40am   Coffee and Fellowship, Tuscarora, Snack Shop

               Please observe social distancing practices as appropriate


10:30am Children’s Sunday School, Pre-k – 6th Grade, Tuscarora

               Register here for more information


10:30am Worship Service, Tuscarora

               Auditorium or Gymnasium depending on availability


**For all events at Tuscarora or Mount Bethel Church, please wear facemasks until arriving at your seat, remembering to respect social distancing suggestions of 6 feet.  Exceptions include both the Mount Bethel Chapel (during worship services) and the Adult Sunday School elective at Tuscarora, in which masks are required at all times.





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The word means a lot of things to a lot of different people.  For most of us, though, church is either a nice white building or something one does for about an hour each Sunday morning. 


Such viewpoints are unfortunate, despite their popularity.  They're unfortunate because they miss what church can be.  Even more, they miss what the church is called to be. 


It isn’t until one takes away the walls and the formal pulpit, even the cushioned pews and weekly bulletins, that the true church begins to emerge; a church that isn’t made of static objects and disposable resources, but a church that is made of people.  Real people with real needs dealing with real life.  This is the church.


Amazingly, Jesus promised to build His church.  He promised to do a work in people that would transform their entire lives.  And there are countless stories of that very work being done in our midst. 


Regardless of where you are in that transformation process - even if you don't think it has begun - please know that we would love for you to become a part of us.










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Participation in all Mount Bethel Church ministries, bible studies and events does not require church membership or attendance at Mount Bethel Church. We seek to share the love of God through Christ with ANYONE wanting to participate. If you have any questions, please give us a call or email us at office@mountbethelchurch.org.


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